National Donut Day 2015

Original project from June 5th of 2015.

National Donut Day was established in the 1930’s, but has recently become popular as it has spread across social media. I set out to research this celebration of sugar and dough by visiting ten local donut shops in the South Bay on National Donut Day in order to produce a photographic essay. I wanted to capture the fun of this event and then produce a group of photos I could present as I took the viewers on a field trip of donut shops. I posted these images on Facebook as I bombarded whoever was watching with approximately 40 images from 10 donut shops that same afternoon. Each image was taken that morning, edited in Light room, and then posted to Facebook in the order they were taken to maintain the timeline. A small caption was included with each image. I used the caption to tell more of the big story, and allowed the images to stand on their own. My work was focused on producing quality images, that would do most of the story telling for me, and I wanted to put them all out on the same day. I started my 40 mile trip at 5am on that Friday the 5th, and posted the last image on Facebook about 2:30 pm. It was a huge success for me as a photographer as I was able to capture some amazing images and have a great time doing it.
I decided not to bring any extra equipment which is unusual for me. I always have more than one camera, but for this I decided to keep it simple. I brought my full size camera because I wanted good quality images, and everyone was going to know I was taking pictures, so no need for hiding my camera. I brought my 18 – 55 mm lens in order to have a little zoom, or a little wider view. Donut shops are too small for a larger telephoto, and I wasn’t going to be changing stuff with sticky fingers anyway. So just my A58 Sony Alpha with an 18-55mm lens, a full battery, and that was it. Actually, most of the effort was in preparing the map of the route.
The map was very important in order to be efficient. Each time I am presented with a project, I think a huge part of my success is based on having a game plan. Knowing what goals you are working towards, and having a plan to achieve these goals are the key to this success. I took the time choose donut shops that would provide a traditional experience and product. Sorry, No Bagel Shops Allowed. With a solid game plan in place, I was well prepared to experience one of my best days behind the lens of my camera. The results will stay with me always, and I am already looking forward to the next National Donut Day.
The following is the project in its entirety, as it was posted on Facebook, June 5th, 2015. There is a chance you might want a donut after this.

I have included some images that were included in the group but these were not part of the original post on June 5th, 2015

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