July 11th 2015, The First Flash Dance

Last night I set out to capture some images in downtown San Jose, with no particular plan as to where I would point my camera. What I found was the best party in town called Flash Dance, and it was put together by a group called Guerillaz in Da Mixx. Last night on July 11th was the first Flash Dance and the Guerillaz in Da Mixx basically rolled down the street on bicycles with a live DJ, and a whole bunch of very large speakers. The party would make stops at different locations throughout the downtown area where the party would take over the street corner. After a few songs, they would be back on the move to a new location. Along the way, the party would continue to grow and attract more people because, there was no doubt that the Flash Dance was the coolest party in town. People would willingly leave the line for the night clubs to join in the fun and follow the Guerillaz as they threw an epic mobile party for people of all ages. I had a blast and so did many other people. This event was a huge success and I hope to be there for the next Flash Dance. It was so much fun to celebrate the city of San Jose and the people that live there, outside under the stars. Great Job Guerillaz in Da Mixx, putting together something that brought together people from all walks of life, and gave them all a moment to shake it on the dance floor.

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