San Jose Bike Party presents the Obon Ride

July 17th 2015

The Obon Ride

First and foremost, I would like to thank my friend Mark D. Hirsch of the Guerillaz in Da Mixx for inviting me to join the San Jose Bike Party on July 17th for the Obon Ride. The Guerillaz are very easy to find at these events because they bring the party to a whole nother level. With two DJs, and an army of people with sub-woofers, the Guerillaz are serious business when it comes to the party. They did not disappoint on this day in July as they delivered another great mobile party that shook the city of San Jose.

As I arrived at the SAP Arena for the start of the Obon Ride, I met some really cool people that made for an awesome experience at my first ride. I was able to make some new friends and learn more about the San Jose Bike Party from The Others Bike Club. These guys have been riding for many years and are a big reason the Bike Party even exists. As a rookie to the event, I was now riding with the professionals and it was awesome. The bikes they ride are just amazing, and yes I want one after riding with The Others. These stretched out cruisers with the big fat tires just look so cool, and there is no two alike as they are all customized by the owner.

I think these photos are really good, but I did take them so there might be a little bias. I want to clearly state that I was not totally focused on pictures because I did go to the event to have fun. Even with a few beers in me and some tamale grease on my fingers, I was able to get some strong images. I think that what makes these photos strong is the people. I met some really cool people and so the resulting images just back that up. The photos were captured with my NEX-5R with an 18-55 mm lens, and my GoPro. I limited my equipment so I could ride around with a lighter load. This worked great as I was able to ride and shoot photos at the same time.

Big Thanks to The Others Bike Club and the Guerillaz in Da Mixx, I am looking forward to the next party. Please feel free to share these images, I only ask that you credit me when it is possible. Enjoy.

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