Fu Manchu @ the Ritz

Fu Manchu at the Ritz in San Jose, California 7/22/2015

I would like to thank Fu Manchu for allowing me to photograph the show at the Ritz in San Jose. I am a huge fan and I really enjoyed the opportunity to see Fu Manchu perform live, again. I would also like to Thanks the Ritz and all of the people that worked to make the show really cool. The Ritz is a nice spot to see live music, with good quality sound. I learned from management that they are working towards more shows, and more live music. Live music has always been an important part of this area south of First street, and the Ritz is ready to continue that tradition.

So on the last stop of the King of the Road 25th Anniversary Tour, I was able to shoot images of an amazing band. Fu Manchu are the best in the business, in my opinion. The classic sound they produce is always fun to experience, whether it is your 1st show, or your 30th. I really enjoyed the opportunity to capture images of Fu Manchu as they performed songs from King of the Road, like Hell on Wheels and Blue Tile Fever. The resulting images are really cool, and I hope everyone likes them as much as I do.

I used my NEX-5R with the 18-55mm lens, because I was concerned about the size of my camera. I wasn’t sure if they would even let my camera inside, so I did not want to bring a huge load of equipment. I was also concerned about trying to switch lenses in a dark crowded place. So I just brought a simple set-up that would perform, and I had a little point and shoot camera in my pocket as a back-up plan.

Please enjoy and respect these images and do not use them without my permission. I am an artist and I work hard, so please respect my work.

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