San Francisco July 24th 2015 with the Others

I was really looking forward to riding with the Others as they are celebrating this weekend together during Shiny Side Up. The weekend has been packed with events including a Thursday night ride at San Pedro Square in San Jose, the Friday ride in San Francisco, the Booze Cruise on Saturday in Campbell and Willow Glen, and finally the custom bike show called Shiny Side Up on Sunday the 26th. I will be headed out to the bike show tomorrow to look at the coolest custom bicycles in the world, and hang out with some really cool people. I have really enjoyed the experience so far as I joined the Others for the Friday event.

Friday started at the Ferry Building in San Francisco at 11:45 sharp, for about 10 people. So we sat and waited for some people with parking issues, and apparently some guy’s bike missed the plane from Hawaii. Eventually everyone arrived and all of a sudden there was a huge group of people from all over the world. People from places like Honolulu, San Diego, Las Vegas, Arizona, and Japan, and many of them bringing their custom bikes for the ride. It was a great experience to join them all and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge as one big rolling party. Despite a few flat tires, this was a huge success and nothing stops the Others. They would attack flat tires like a NASCAR pit crew, and this makes it easy to see the respect they have for each Other. I appreciate the experience and I am looking forward to Shiny Side Up tomorrow in San Jose.

The images captured from the ride were taken with my Sony NEX 5R with an 18-55mm lens, and my GoPro. I brought these based on size and mobility because I was riding a bike across the city. I did utilize a Polarizing filter, and a Neutral Density filter on my GoPro and these seemed to work well. I believe the Polarizer was more successful in dealing with the motion. The ND filter caused more blur, but still provided nice images. My NEX 5R has been nothing but awesome and works perfectly because it is small and powerful. I did put my camera away later in the day so I could enjoy the ride because it was my first time riding my bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Photography is important to me, but sometimes you just gotta have fun.

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