Grrrl Scene #2 at the Ritz in San Jose featuring Sweet HayaH

I was very happy to be invited to a Rock and Roll show last Saturday the 22nd in downtown San Jose by the lovely Nehal Abuelata. Nehal performed with Sweet HayaH at the Ritz located at 400 S First Street at the Grrrl Scene #2 with Snakeskin, Wallace, and Mother’s Worry. Grrrl Scene #2 was a focus on the ladies of Rock and Roll and presented a very different type of line up, with all of the groups that performed offering a different style of music. I really enjoyed each group, and I was able to see some really good live music. I would love to go to Grrrl Scene #3 in the future, sign me up now please.

With the event focusing on the ladies, I wanted to do the same thing with my camera. I really like the results, and I thought the lighting at the venue gave me some nice color in my photos. Because I focused on the ladies as a group, and not each individual group that performed, I chose to present the images as one large group of photos. So all of the images are shuffled and in no particular order. This is the second show I have photographed at the Ritz and I used my Sony NEX-5R with the 18-55 mm lens again because it is small and convenient, but gives me strong results. I am seeing the NEX-5R giving me nice clean images in low light conditions.

Big Giant Thank You to ….

Snakeskin, Wallace, Mother’s Worry, Sweet HayaH, Nehal Abuelata, The Ritz, and all of the fantastic people that I have met at this event and all the other events that show me support. I really appreciate all of the great friendships I have made since the start of this website. Support your local artists. Go see Nehal perfom with Sweet HayaH, she is awesome, and go see Mother’s Worry, Snakeskin, and Wallace.

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