The 100th Ride of the San Jose Bike Party

I have been riding with the San Jose Bike Party for about 7 or 8 rides now. They have all been so much fun, and I am so thankful to be a part. I am really happy to have met some great people that I call friends along the way, and I would like to say thanks to them for everything. I have always found great success taking photos at the SJBP because it is such a great source. Everyone is having such a good time, and I enjoy taking photos with all of the fantastic people from the bike culture. This last ride was the 100th ride and once again I had an absolute blast with all of my friends, so I wanted to share these images from another classic San Jose Bike Party.

I used my NEX-5R for these images. I like to bring it on my bike because it is small and convenient, but it is also good in the low light conditions. I enjoy avoiding the flash on most occasions, but for some of these I did utilize the flash. Many times I will use my Go Pro to capture images at the Bike Party, but I did not include any of those here in this post. I am working on a way to display what I have captured over the last year, and I will include the Go Pro images later. Some of those have been published on my Facebook page under the same name, Shadow of the White Ninja. Please enjoy these and like my page on Facebook for more information about future projects. Thanks for the support.

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