The Super Bowl Selfie

I was lucky enough to have the Super Bowl take place right down the street from my house last weekend. It was a fantastic opportunity to capture some images but I was a little unsure of what to photograph. I started to photograph all of the people that were taking photographs of the stadium and I ended up with a fun set of images. I think these photos show the fun and goofy side of people as they take a moment to capture a photo themselves. I enjoyed watching everyone have fun and I like the resulting images as they capture some of the excitement of the event.

These photos are taken with my Sony A6000. I used both the 18-55 mm and the 55-200 mm lenses that I currently own. Some of the images were also shot using the HDR painting effect, so any effects were done in camera and not in post processing. I found it challenging to capture some of the selfie and photo takers as some of them were very fast. Stop, Smile, Click, and they are on their way. Please enjoy the Super Selfie photos from Super Bowl 50 Weekend at Levi’s Stadium.

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