KrudoKruda Kruiserz

I wanted to take a moment to recognize some really cool people

On Day one of OBC, the Sign Ride offered some challenges with the winds gusting at about 50 mph. My friends mentioned that this was one of the longer rides of the weekend. I was riding with the City Style Cruiserz from Gilroy and we decided to take a break under some shade in front of the Mirage. The wind was creating a nice cool mist off the waterfalls. As we relaxed, Durrell Johnson rolled up on his black and red chopper and asked for directions. We pointed down the street and told him to go straight. He thanked us and rolled on down the road. We all went back to our drinks and the shade.Durrell Johnson

On the last day of OBC, I was really enjoying myself at the custom bike show. I spent a bunch of money on patches and T-shirts, and I bought some cool bars from the Chop Shop. I was enjoying the event and taking photos with my A6000 as the trophies were handed out, when something special happened. The President of the KrudoKruda Kruiserz took the stage to present the club choice trophy. Big Ez was there to present the KrudoKruda trophy to Durrell Johnson. Durrell Johnson had won over the heart of the KrudoKruda Kruiserz with his never quit attitude that first day as he continued the long journey to the Las Vegas sign. Most people might not even notice that Durrell Johnson is legally blind. I didn’t notice. But what a fantastic moment as the KrudoKruda President recognized Durrell for just being a cool guy with a never quit attitude. The KrudoKruda Kruiserz are a class act and they are a fine example of what a bike family is all about. Good job KrudoKruda, and thank you Durrell Johnson for teaching us all how to live without fear.

Krudo Kruda Club Winner
Durrell Johnson with Eddie Sanchez of the KrudoKruda Kruiserz

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