I am so excited to publish these fantastic images from OBC 2016. This event is the greatest place on earth for the custom bicycle crowd. People come from all around the globe to ride bikes, drink beers, and make friends. I was very successful at all three and I have some awesome photos to prove it.

The images were captured using my GoPro 3+, my Sony A6000, and my new GoPro Session. The GoPro allows me to utilize the time-lapse feature and capture images over an extended period of time with less work. I always enjoy the results. The new Session proved to be a great tool, and the small size makes it very useful. If I could do anything differently, I would take a little more time to keep the lens clean because some of the images were shot through a smudge of some kind. This did not cause too much trouble, and I am very happy with the results.

I would like to Thank a few people, like Amy Tuleen, Nick Evans, and Rich Luna. They worked hard while many of us had a good time. Thanks to the rest of the OBC crew for the awesome event. Thanks to the Others BC for always supporting my work. The Others are like family to me and I am so thankful for the opportunity to ride with such a great group of people. I would also like to Thank the City Style Cruiserz for always treating me so well. I have so much respect for these folks from Gilroy, and I am grateful for their friendship also. I would also like to say Thanks to all of the other clubs that came to OBC. I am new to the scene and I am still learning all of the names, but I know one thing for sure. This bike culture is something powerful and the people of this culture are equally amazing. The love and respect runs deep and I look forward to next year already.

Please enjoy these images. Share them and tag your friends. I only ask that you credit my work when possible and do not reproduce them without my permission. I work hard so please respect my images and respect the people I have photographed. Thanks

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