graduation (1)


Richard McNeill is an energetic and passionate Artist that works with visual applications such as photography, videography, and print-making. His work revolves around the bicycle community where bridges are created to carry artwork to the culture and these paths are utilized to bring the beauty of the culture back to the rest of the world. McNeill is a hands-on Artist with attention to detail and strong finish, but the rough edges are what make this artist and his artwork shine. By utilizing processes like screen printing that result in a hand-made and unique product, this allows the viewer to slow down and embrace the artwork for its authenticity and imperfections. It is the depth of the bicycle culture that continues to be the focus of many projects. Something that is at the forefront of the White Ninja’s goals is bringing these beautiful people and their artwork into the gallery in a collaborative effort that reflects the community at-large and not the perspective of just one person. The Artist name of Shadow of the White Ninja has given McNeill a persona that reflects the strong work ethic of this cultural producer. The words Shadow and White signify the intersection of light and shadow in photography, and the Ninja reference speaks to the subtle and candid approach of the White Ninja. The artist name also draws a strong connection to Japanese aesthetics and evokes the quiet and powerful warrior style that has given this artist such a positive and active support group among the bicycle community. What the White Ninja hopes that viewers take away from experiencing the work is a rejuvenating second wind that will inspire each and every one to go after something new and bigger than themselves. The White Ninja is dedicated to helping people find a voice in today’s visual world. And just like the recycled screen prints that are a large part of this multi-media artist’s process, everyone deserves a second chance to shine their light out into the world.

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